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Due to an FCC Order, Great Lakes Communication has terminated all revenue sharing agreements and is maintaining at least a 6:1 ratio of terminating-to-originating calls. We have decided to make this data available to any long-distance carrier that terminates traffic to our network.

This information is for the month starting on the 27th to the current date

Terminated: 50,046,839

Originated: 10,268,123

Ratio: 4.87:1

February 2020
In: 240,980,286
Out: 42,935,205
Ratio: 5.61:1

January 2020
In: 240,583,556
Out: 44,365,423
Ratio: 5.42:1

December 2019
In: 239,184,329
Out: 39,999,930
Ratio: 5.97:1